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Here you will be able to find all planned NordAqua courses. All the courses will be published regularly, so keep an eye on updates to the course list. There will be a notification on the front page of NordAqua web for the courses published.

NordAqua Fall 2019

- Course UGSB0004-3001 Entrepreneurship for Research Professionals

Learning Camp 07.10.2019 at 9am- 7pm & Wrap-Up Session 31.10.2019 10.15am-12am

Organizer: UTU

Content: The course provides introduction to entrepreneurship by looking at entrepreneur-ship at individual and company level. The core themes include entrepreneurship as a career opportunity; business idea and opportunity creation; business plan-ning; and business growth. During the course the students assess their own en-trepreneurial resources in terms of competences and networks for example, and perform exercises on (business) idea generation in teams resulting in rapid pitch-ing-exercises aiming to sell their ideas to the others. The students will familiarize themselves with entrepreneurial process: what it takes to map problems and thurn them into interesting challenges which then can be solved. Furthermore, the students will also familiarize themselves with the (local) entrepreneurial eco-system, which provides various support for entrepreneurs.

Course leader: Professor Jarna Heinonen ; email:

Course Venue: Boost Academy, Turku  (Arwidssonkinkatu 3B,

Registration in Webropol is open until 15th of September, 2019. Please click the link below to REGISTER!

The selection to the course is done based on a short motivation letter (max 300 words). Please attach it to the Webropol survey when you register.Number of students restricted to 30 persons due to interactive learning methods. If there are too many participants, those who registered to the cancelled course in spring 2019 will have priority.

NordAqua Spring 2019

- Course KABI4004:  Applied Photosynthesis Research (6 ECT)

  04 March – 03 April 2019

Organiser: UTU (supported by NordAqua NCoE)

The basic concepts of the biorefineries and the contribution of photosynthetic organisms to blue and green biorefineries will be discussed.

Content: Photosynthesis as a starting point for biorefineries; photosynthetic organisms as a source of food, feed, and fuel; bottle-necks and strategies to improve cost-effectiveness of bio-based production systems; detection methods for assessing the value of different end-products (lipids, carotenoids, H2 gas etc).

Course leader: Y. Allahverdiyeva-Rinne, Molecular Plant Biology, Biochemistry Department, University of Turku

Contact information:

Assoc. Prof. Yagut Allahverdiyeva-Rinne, PhD
University of Turku
Department of Biochemistry 
Molecular Plant Biology
Visiting address: Biocity 6th floor

Course venue: University of Turku, Biocity and Pharmacity

Registration via Nettiopsu or by sending an email to

- Course KABI4007: Towards Bio-based Finland (2 ECT)

  15-17 April 2019

Organiser: UTU and ÅA (supported by NordAqua NCoE, SmartBio Biocity program, Turku Science Park Oy)

Content: The basic concepts of the bioeconomy and the circular economy, overview of different industrial companies operating in Finland, guest lectures by the industry professionals, site-visits to observe SME’s research and production facilities and direct interaction with industry representatives.Course venue: SparkUP

Course leaders:Yagut Allahverdiyeva-Rinne (UTU) and Henrik Grenman (ÅA)

Contact information:

Assoc. Prof. Yagut Allahverdiyeva-Rinne, PhD
University of Turku

Assoc. Prof. Henrik Grenman, D.Sc
Åbo Academi University

Registration via Nettiopsu or by sending an email to or