• Special thanks to attendees of  the SmartBIO Student Symposium 2018 for a productive event!

The NordAqua team extends a warm thank you to the SmartBIO Student Symposium 2018 attendees and organization committee.The Symposium was productive and energetic! Thank you is in order.

The organizers – Azfar Bajwa, Ida Mattsson and Martina Jokel- for their brilliant job initiating, organizing and delivering the joint NordAqua & SmartBio Student Symposium 2018. Thanks to their ideas and organization skills!

Thanks to our tweeting students too for social media liveliness!

Last but not least, we would like to thank our students for their efforts in preparation of the Symposium programme, presentations and for their fruitful contributions to discussions and scientific speed dating session.

Hopefully see you next year! Stay tuned to our website and social media accounts for the announcements!




  • Final programme of the SmartBIO Student Symposium!

We have finalised the final programme of SmartBio Student Symposium and updated information about the talks. Click here to check and download  the final programme! 

  • Welcome to the SmartBIO Student Symposium! 

We are pleased to inform that the abstract submission & registration for the SmartBIO Student Symposium are now open!

This event is open to only SmartBIO and NordAqua studentsPlease register before 15th of August 2018 via the registration link sent by email.

Our sister organization SmartBIO is the organizer of the one-day event which will be held on August 30th 2018 in Forum Marinum (Linnankatu 72), Turku, Finland.

The event will gather PhD students and early-career postdocs, and focused on the research methods aiming to share ideas and find collaborations. During the symposium,  the students will have scientific speed dating, presentations by fellow-scientists and motivational talks by SoturiCoaching (https://www.soturicoaching.net/). The  day will finish with a social event on Rudolfina boat, cruising in the archipelago with food and drinks (http://www.rudolfina.fi/).

For any queries, please contact Martina Jokel  (martjok@utu.fi) ,  Ida Mattsson (imattsso@abo.fi) and Azfar Bajwa  (azalba@utu.fi).